Health as the Most Valuable Capital


The Chrono Institute for ChronoPsychology and ChronoMedicine at the Sigmund Freud Private University deals with the concept of salutogenesis, understood as development of health. We develop methods and concepts for people to better understand their own health as the most valuable capital of life.


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The CORONA PREVENT Program is an individual protection and prevention program for you, your family or your company to strengthen your immune system against COVID-19 and to stay healthy in the long term through preventive health measures.


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Environmental medicine

Webinar by Dr. H. Fuchsig

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Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory and COVID-19

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Video: Stay fit

Kurt Mosetter in conversation

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Program on Health Development


In 2020 we will offer the first professional training program for salutogenesis and prevention.


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The Health Account


We use the Health Account – the world’s first early warning system for physical and mental illnesses – to give people control over their own health and to manage it in a simple way using their smartphone or computer.


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