Dynamic Fascia

Dynamic Fascia

Relaxed and calm to more power and joy of life! This is possible through fascia training, based on the Shaolin formula. As we now suffer from long sitting and lack of movement, the Shaolin monks 1500 years ago gone through the same fate. Behind the monastery walls, techniques were developed to combine relaxation with meditative movement. Combined with the latest knowledge about fasciae, this results in an excellent training, tailor-made for the modern man who wants to escape from the fast paced and hectic way of life. Fasciae are our body-embracing network that reacts sensitively to any external influences. The seven movements and the wisdom from the Shaolin Temple lead  to a healthy, flexible body in a gentle way and to more well-being. No matter which professional group, old or young, everyone benefits from stress reduction and increased performance through fascia training.

About the author

Dipl. Ing. Robert Egger, physicist, board member of Shaolin Austria and certified Shaolin Qi Gong teacher trainer. He has successfully trained thousands of participants in Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong. As a successful management trainer, he also advises companies, politicians and organisations in the Shaolin philosophy.

MedR Dr. Hannes Schoberwalter, physician for general and occupational medicine, Vice President of the Vienna International Academy for Holistic Medicine, Head of the Department of Complementary Medicine of the Vienna Medical Association.

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