Health Development

Become a health professional


The program offers the opportunity to acquire   interdisciplinary andscientifically based knowledge (models, terminology) of chrono psychology and corresponding salutogenetic implementation methods in the respective professional practice (medical profession, consulting, coaching, sports training, …). The program emphasises  the teaching of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills on the basis of salutogenetic training.

Vocational and Further Education Program


The Chrono Institute is aimed for people who,are suited to use salutogenetic analyses, diagnoses and applications in the context of their professional practice in cooperation with doctors and/or psychologists. This applies to interventionist, therapeutic, health-promoting, sports science and sports psychology activities, as well as in the context of economic and organizational consulting projects. The Chrono Institute offers the possibility for support by certified physicians, psychologists and consultants through the internet platform, The Health Account.

Requirements that you bring along


Formal prerequisites for salutogenetic activity are specialist training and professional qualification for a health profession, for counselling and coaching of people and companies, such as training and coaching of athletes and clubs. The course Health Development – Salutogenesis and Prevention are non-medical training course. Therefore participants need an underlying professional training.

A further prerequisite is salutogenetic expertise, which is acquired during training and kept up to date through ongoing further training. In addition to formal and professional prerequisites, the existence of certain personal characteristics is also a prerequisite for successful salutogenetic work: in addition to medical and psychological expertise, salutogeneticists need an understanding of psychological, technological and economic contexts as well as social and ethically based action competence.



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