Fatique and Work Ability

Fatique and Work Ability

Fatigue and ability to work. Causes of fatigue and strategies for optimizing vigilance” by Gerhard Klösch, Peter Hauschild and Josef Zeitlhofer.

This book on vigilance  is aimed at doctors, psychologists, health managers and safety professionals and is intended as an introduction to the field of vigilance research. Being active, fit and capable are attributes that are highly valued. The dark side: exhaustion, tiredness and burnout are increasing rapidly. One of the reasons: chronic lack of sleep. But fatigue has many facets and causes.

This book, written by experts in the field of sleep medicine and chronobiology, shows the physiological and psychological background of fatigue processes and provides information on how vigilance and fatigue can be measured, which strategies help to stay awake, and how fatigue situations at the workplace can be evaluated.

The authors:

Gerhard Klösch, MPH is sleep researcher and deputy scientific director of the certificate course in sleep coaching at the Medical University of Vienna.

Dr. Peter Hauschild and Prof. Josef Zeitlhofer head the Institute for Chronopsychology and Chronomedicine at the Sigmund Freud Private University of Vienna.

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