Stiegl Brauerei

Stiegl Brauerei

Company health promotion 2019

In this project, the latest findings of health science, especially sleep research, but especially chronobiological and chronopsychological findings will be used to analyse and interpret the study.

Aim of the scientific project: the introduction of an intervention methodology to promote the occupational health of employees is to be investigated and scientifically analysed within the framework of this project. The investigation is basically aimed at monitoring the effects of the intervention and is to scientifically substantiate its effect on employees in terms of quantitative statements.

In order to make scientific statements for this question possible, it is necessary to examine at least 25 persons, in the best case more than 30 persons – separated according to intervention and control group (altogether at least 50, in the best case more than 60 persons) – so that statistically significant statements can be derived.

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